Hydrotrans launches its new SW5 and 10ton.

Hydrotrans are world renown for the design and production of sophisticated boat movers and slipway trailers designed to carry craft from under 15T up to 150T.  Boats can be moved on their own or in their cradles.
Now Hydrotrans have come up with two “simple” does-what-it-says-on-the-tin trailers with 5 and 10T capacity – the first of these are to be delivered to Dutch, Swedish and U.K. customers during December Lastyear. Designed around a tubular steel framework with fitted pads and bow support, this trailer comes with hydraulically operated wheel suspension allowing the unit to be raised and lowered horizontally or for the bow and/or stern to be lifted/raised independently. These trailers can be towed by a very small tractor unit and will be of great value to sailing and motorboat clubs, marinas and boat-yards alike providing a cost effective and quick way of recovering and launching boats.

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