Aqua Terra 20

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The Aqua-Terra models are offered with the following advantages:

Longer lifetime
All static power cranes from our competitors have the drive gear for turning left and right on the top and of the tower. Our crane is driven half way on a rail that is welded around the crane. This means the gears are further outside, which means the E-motor has greater leverage with less force required. This feature ensures a longer lifetime for the E-motor and gears.

No swinging boats
The drive gear is powered by a frequency regulator, which means the E-motor has a soft start and stop which will keep the boat from swinging.

Door and storage
Our cranes have a door to get inside. This is helpful to store a pressure washer, slings or whatever that needs to be stored.

Remote control
All our cranes are standard radio remote controlled. These controls only need normal batteries which last for 500 hours so the radio remote does not need to be charged every time you want to use the crane.

Easy leveling
All four hoists can be switched on and off on the radio remote, which means it is very easy to level the boat left and right or forward and backwards.

Safety margin of the construction of our cranes is a factor of 1.5
There is also an extra margin of 1.4 for shock absorption.

• Mast crane
• Working lights (underneath the main beam)
• Slings

1 year